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Pulver on Condos advises condominium boards and owners on condominium governance and enforcement issues relating to the Ontario Condominium Act. We are prepared to take on the difficult cases and to ask the tough questions. We are relentless.

As condominium lawyers with significant experience representing both condominium corporations and unit owners, Pulver on Condos has the unique perspective necessary to understand and tackle each problem that they are presented with.

Pulver on Condos is pleased to provide condominium boards and management with The “Pulver Rate,” which is a flat annual corporate condominium fee for the provision of general “non-litigation” advice on an annual basis. This retainer provides condominium boards and management with the flexibility and comfort to ask questions as they arise, without worrying about the costs associated with a ‘running clock.’

Pulver on Condos also provides advice to condominium corporations and owners on a variety of issues, including, but not limited to:
Pulver on Condos advises board members and owners on governance issues relating to board conduct, status of directors and election disputes.
Pulver on Condos has significant litigation experience relating to noise complaints and enforcement. Every owner is entitled to quiet use and enjoyment of their condo. Pulver on Condos understands the intricacies of noise issues and works with sound engineers and consultants to come up with practical solutions for our clients.
Pulver on Condos drafts and registers by-laws and declaration amendments. We also proceed to court to amend declarations where applicable.
Pulver on Condos represents both condominium corporations and owners in commencing and responding to enforcement proceedings. The representation of both owners and corporations provides our firm with a unique and invaluable insight into both perspectives.
Pulver on Condos has significant experience in mediating and arbitrating condominium disputes concerning, amongst other things, shared facilities disputes, construction deficiencies and noise disputes.

The first two years after registration are a complicated and critical time period for any new condo corporation. Pulver on Condos understands the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and the related legislation.
Pulver on Condos is well versed in condominium lien registration and lien enforcement. While we always hope that it is a last resort, we are here to help ensure compliance when there is non-payment of common element fees.

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