Jackie Bartlett is a Senior Associate at Pulver on Condos.

She has practiced condominium law since she was called to the Ontario Bar in 2016 and has extensive experience with issues commonly arising between condominium corporations, their boards, and between owners. She has developed an expertise in the recent amendments to the Condominium Act, 1998, including issues caused by the legalization of cannabis, noise and nuisance, and prohibitions on short term rentals.

Jackie is an experienced litigator who has worked on several precedent setting condominium cases. She routinely represents clients before many levels of Courts and administrative tribunals, including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Condominium Authority Tribunal, the Toronto Small Claims Court, and the Human Rights Tribunal. She also frequently represents owners and condo corporations at mediations and arbitrations.

Jackie is respected by her clients and counsel for her intellect, creativity, and dedication to resolving matters in a cost-effective manner.

In her spare time, Jackie can be found tirelessly entertaining her young son or, if she’s lucky, on a weekend away with her husband or friends.

"Living in a condominium can be a wonderful experience when operated within a healthy governance and well managed Condo Corporation. However, more often than not, when troubles hit, it can lead to complete life disruption. As a Condo owner, I experienced first hand when a Condo Corporation does not govern in accordance to requirements for compliance and does not respect the rights of owner as afforded by the Condominium Act. Desperate after living in a year-long nightmare of ongoing nuisance issues, all but essentially ignored by my Condominium Corporation, its lawyers, and its management, i finally decided to seek the help of Pulver on Condos, based on a recommendation I received. My life changed when I made the best decision to hire Pulver on Condos and start the steps to regain peaceful living in my condominium. Navigating the legal framework of Condominium Law is complex and tricky. Evan quasi knowledgeable owners as myself can hit brick walls trying to figure out how to best approach a solution when serious issues arise. I was fortunate to connect with Pulver on Condos, who were not incredibly knowledgeable and experienced but were very efficient at resolving my plaguing Condominium nuisance issues I has suffered with for over a year. I had the greatest pleasure to work with two highly intelligent and detail-oriented lawyers, Ms. Jackie Bartlett and Mr. Shawn Pulver who simply put, are brilliant at what they do. Jackie and the legal team at Pulver are dedicated to resolving condo issues, and they know how to win back your rights, in my case through a successful CAT tribunal, and they do so with courtesy, respect and professionalism. Moreover, they are simply great individuals who genuinely care, and will work tirelessly (and I mean tirelessly!) to seek justice on your behalf."

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