Owning a unit in a condominium corporation is a unique experience that offers numerous benefits, which may include various shared amenities, security or concierge services, and investment advantages.

Condominium living also includes various rules and regulations to ensure that residents can enjoy their units peacefully and to achieve various shared community goals. The Condominium Act (the “Act) also provides regulations that regard owning and residing in a condominium unit, and how condominium corporations shall enforce their governing documents and the Act.

It is crucial that condominium owners and residents are familiar with their condominium corporation’s governing documents, including its Declaration, Rules and Regulations, and By-laws.

Sharing common and structural elements with neighbors can, on occasion, result in various issues. These issues can include any number of aspects of daily life, but commonly include noise, nuisance, pets, access to records/documents, concerns with Board governance, and rule enforcement.

Pulver on Condos has significant experience dealing with various issues that can arise between owners or residents, and between owners, residents, and condominium’s boards of directors. We have dealt with these issues extensively at the Condominium Authority Tribunal, which is Ontario’s online condominium tribunal that jurisdiction over a number of common disputes. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you require any assistance in dealing with any of these issues.

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