Go-To Resources

A comprehensive list of Go-To Resources that will help condominium corporations, unit owners and residents throughout Ontario navigate the complex landscape of condo law.

POC Condo Act Cheat Sheet

The Condominium Act Cheat Sheet by POC

The Pulver on Condos Condo Act Cheat Sheet is a breakdown of some of the key provisions of the Condominium Act. Includes a Post Turn-Over Checklist, Voting Threshold information, notes on Changes to the Common Elements, Maintenance & Repair Flow Chart, and more.

POC Articles

Pulver on Condo’s Articles offers insightful works authored by the Pulver on Condos team. Here we cover diverse topics such as Ontario condo case laws, amendments to the Condominium Act, updates on regulations, and more. Stay informed with expert analysis and timely news shaping the Ontario condominium landscape.

Condominium Act, 1998

The Condominium Act is a legislation designed to govern the establishment, management, and operation of condominiums within Ontario. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of condominium owners, corporations, and developers, to ensure fair governance, maintenance standards, and dispute resolution mechanisms within condominium communities.

Ontario Regulations 48/01

Ontario Regulation 48/01, under the Condominium Act, outlines rules governing reserve fund studies and plans for condominium corporations. It mandates regular assessments of reserve fund adequacy to ensure financial stability for future repairs and replacements of common elements. Compliance with this regulation is essential for effective long-term maintenance and sustainability of condominium properties.

CCI Case Law Database

The Canadian Condominium Institute’s (CCI) Condo Case Law database is a comprehensive archive of legal precedents and rulings that pertain to condominium law. It serves as a valuable resource for legal professionals and stakeholders involved in condominium management, offering insights and guidance on various legal issues and challenges within the Canadian condominium sector.

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