Can Condos Limit the Number or Size of Packages for Each Resident?

Delivery truck filled with packages

It’s a pandemic. Condominium residents are staying at home and this means that they are ordering even more from online retailers. I attended at a condominium last week just after the mail had arrived and saw, without exaggeration, what must have been over 500 packages. This was in a midsize condo building. 

Many sites are having staff and security spend hours each day on sorting and processing packages. 

I have been asked whether a condominium has the authority to pass rules to limit the number or size of packages. 

In my view, condominium boards have this authority under section 58 of the Condominium Act. If condominiums are concerned that the volume of packages is creating a health and safety risk (i.e. potential fire hazard) or taking too much time away from security’s daily job description, then a Rule that attempts to limit the number or size of packages should be deemed reasonable. 

Again, every building is different. Not every condominium will want to impose these type of restrictions. But they make sense and these issues may need to be considered by condominium boards and property management to ensure the health and safety of residents. 

Stay safe everyone!

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